BBTitans: Housemates Up For Eviction This Week

This big brother Titans show is progressing just like we all know the week of grace is over and the most dreaded moments in the house is here.


A moment where friendships are broken and lovers are betrayed, well the sweet thing about this moment is the fact that as long as your mouth is shut on who you nominate for possible eviction for the week, no one will know who nominated either friends of enemies.


This week is eviction week, first of it kind since the start of the big brother Titans show, here is how it’s expected to go.


First Big Brother Titans eviction

Here is how the twist in this year’s show goes, the housemates are paired into two, if one is nominate and goes home, the other pairs follow, for whatever reason this was introduced, it’s really a twist as this caught majority of the fans and viewers unaware.

Sofar here are the pairs

The Nomination Pairs Are

• Yemi And Nelisa

• Justin And Yvonne

• Sandra And Theo

• Ebubu And Tsatsii

HOH Veto Power Saves Ebubu And Tsatsii Then Puts Up Olivia And Juicy Jay.

Atleast One Of These Pairs Will Be Evicted On Sunday #BBTitans


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