“BBTitans Is A Mess, Biggie Doesn’t Like Kanaga Jnr “- Fans React After He Revoked Kanaga’s Win

The fans of BBTitans reality show are currently calling out Big Brother on Twitter for revoking Kanaga Junior victory at the invest bamboo task.


You can recall that yesterday Kanaga Junior emerged winner at the invest bamboo task but his victory was revoked by Biggie.


Kanaga Junior felt emotional after his victory at the bamboo task was revoked by Biggie and Ebubu adviced him to be determined.


This has triggered a lot of reactions on social media as fans challenged Biggie for always revoking Kanaga Junior’s win during tasks and Head of House games.


Lexy wrote;

“Why do Biggie always revoke Kanaga Junior




Lynda wrote;


“Biggie called Five people up but na only Kanaga Junior win he revoked???…, he really don’t like my boy”.


Kelesto wrote:


“Kanaga Junior works very hard in everything he does for his win to be revoked”.


“Biggie you will crumble”.


“I won’t let you rob my in-law and keep quiet”.


Shindara wrote;


“I am exhausted


“First INEC stole our mandate”.


“Now Biggie stole and revoke Kanaga Junior.

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