“Blue Think We Are Stup!d, Playing 3 Guys At The Same Time”- Marvin & Blaqboi Have A Deep Conversation (VIDEO)

Big Brother Titans housemates, Marvin and Blaqboi has taken time to ponder over their situation ship with Blue Aiva.


Deep conversation between BlaqBoi and Marvin.


BLaqBoi – Marvin Have you ever kissed Blue Aiva?


Marvin – No, but we grab ourselves,

we just touch and everything.

BLaqBoi – When did this grabbing happen

Marvin – Today.. she couldn’t kiss me because she had blisters in her mouth.


BLaqBoi-Wow… She also told me the same thing as well..she even told Biggie that I’m her Val…. Blue think we are stupid.. she is trying to play 3 guys at the same time.


Marvin – Blue is playing me, she is playing you and she is playing Yemi… She is playing EVERYBODY!!!



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