“CeeC Always Care Only About Herself, I called her And She did This… Alex Explains Beef with CeeC (Video)

Well the beef between Alex and CeeC isn’t slowing down anytime soon, they’ve been on their necks for a long time during their season, in a conversation with Kiddwaya she explained how it started and all, read their conversation below:


Alex – i picked up my phone to ask how she is, and the first thing she said is come and model my clothes, that’s why I said i was pissed,
Its the same thing i was complaining about that she does, you have to go under for her to be at the top.
I made sure that we can be cool but we don’t have to be friends. She knows that we don’t have any issue.
Remember the opening door challenge that was trending, me, her {ceec}, uriel were supposed to shoot that video.
We are cool, So for us to come here and this energy…
Kiddwaya – did you know she was coming?
Alex – i knew she was coming, i heard she was coming here and i didn’t have a problem with it.
It took me along time to clean my brand off that nonsense, i don’t like to fight.

Kiddwaya – did you guys fans have big problems?
Alex – yeah twas a big thing but because our fans are fighting doesn’t mean we should, After our season, we concluded we’re gonna be cool when we get to Nigeria, i was surprised when she played into the we’re not cool thing outside even here.
I was avoiding all these friction, when we came on Sunday, i took a bed in the pink room, she also took a bed in the pink room, so i moved to the blue room, i ended up with 2 beds.
It wasn’t because we were having issue, its cuz its better for us to stay apart to avoid any clash.
Finally when she didn’t have a bed, i gave her mine in the pink room and remained in the blue room.

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