Congratulations To Cruise Crew As They Emerged Winners Of Captain Morgan Task Presentation (Video)

Congratulations To The Winners Of today’s Captain Morgan Presentation  which Team Cruise Crew Emerged as the winners of today’s task presentation


Today’s task was Captain Morgan presentation, which all the Housemates participated, the task sponsored by Captain Morgan, in order to engage the Housemates and at the end of it, the winners where be rewarded.


Below are the list of the teams;



Not so long the game started and the analysis commence, which as the Presentation progress, a winner was later announced, which is the team Cruise Crew, even thou all teams try there best and perform well, but they couldn’t make it up, which the Cruise Crew won against them.


Watch the video below;


But then some netizens where complaining about the result, do you think Team Cruise Crew deserve it? Or it was just given to them without deserving or working for it?


Lets hear your view in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your love ones.

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