“Cross Doesn’t have self Control, Walks Around with his D!ck out” – Soma to Doyin in a Discussion

Big Brother House all star season housemate Somadina made a revelation that left viewers confused, according to him Cross a fellow housemate walks around with his d1ck out in the house.



This is coming as the two were discussing about self Control and the fact that some people want to have sex in the big brother naija house.


Read conversation below:

Doyin – if you are so controlled by your d#ck that you can’t hold on for weeks without s€x, thats a problem, thats something you should probably pay attention to.

Soma – then do what about it.
Doyin – go to church, do something about it cuz having s€x on TV, that’s crazy.
You dont know what you’re gonna be or what you’re gonna want to be in the next 5 years, i believe every human being should have a level of self control like…
Soma – i feel you sha.
Like all this weird stuff that people do, n!ggas walking around with the d!cks out.
Doyin – in this house? Do people do that here?
Soma – pere did it, he was facing out.
Doyin – you know some people are very bold, they really don’t care, especially if their proud of the size.


But i dont think its about that, i think its about self respect, i think everyone should have respect for their body.
Like s€x is even too far, there are certain type of s€xual activities one should not do on TV and this is not because I’m tryna form morally upright, it just means you lack self control, you dont have any form of self respect, you dont have home training, it juat so many things.
Any guy that’ll have sex with a girl on TV, that girl should know that he doesn’t care about her.
Soma – i don’t think thats the case.

Doyin – for real? If you had a girl that you genuinely in your heart of heart cared about her, would you allow her burst it open for you on TV?

Soma – s€x is extreme but sometimes its just difficult to you know… Its just the passion in the moment.
Doyin – for me there’s nothing that can justify it, if i ever do it, I’d probably leave the house the next day. I’ll take a voluntary exit cuz I’d never be able to live with myself.
I’m not gonna let nobody finger me, I’m never gonna touch myself on TV .

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