Doyin Talks too Much, Netiens React to Doyin Revelations About Beauty(Details)

Viewers of the big brother Naija all-star season, have taken a backlash at Doyin a housemate in the season of the all-star show for revealing too much about Beauty an ex-housemate who she said is her friend, according to some reactions on Twitter and Instagram, Doyin has made too much revelation in the house about her friend including those that weren’t necessary.

If you could recall, Doyin made the revelation that Neo a fellow housemate in the All-Star season of the big brother Naija show was dating Beauty, this came as a shock to many and it wasn’t considered too much, the reaction and backlash was coming after she has made several revelations that weren’t necessary according to them.

She has said a lot of things in the house concerning Beauty both appealing ones and not-so-appealing ones, she was wholeheartedly supported by Beauty when she went into the house.

King Ike: this girl take too much haba


Doris: Doyin making me dislike her oooh, to much of talk no good


Selz: Lol, wahala for who the get friends


Cicilia: Thats why i don’t reveal my secrets to friends, Doyin an amebo.

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