“During My Set, The Hate was Too Much On Me Even In my House, They Didn’t Believe I Could Have Fans” — Adekunle to Venita (Video)

Adekunle – do you know that, in week 8 during my season, that was when we did thet seesaw ball thing.
I was about to drop my 5th ball when i heard the buzzer sound and i turned back and apparently someone had finished…
Adekunle – and this person actually broke quite a number of rules but it was overlooked and this person because head of house.
Now i was on the chopping block but i got saved.
Most of the people during my time had photoshoots, an active camp and an active PR….. I only told three people including my mother that i was going on this show, no social nothing like i didnt know anything.
Adekunle – when people eventually found out that i had a big fanbase, it shocked them cuz they never saw it coming.


So if i had won HOH that week and got into the finals, the conversation would’ve been that i got into the finals because i won HOH.
Adekunle – when i was renovating my house, i was putting updates up onces inna while, they were so interested and invested, e reach so tey other fanbases even open space for 2 days, they were judging my house.
They said my house no complete, e no get wall painting e.t.c. they knocked my house off. Its that crazy because there are alot of people who do not want to see me ……

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