“Frodd Please Help me talk to Whitemoney, I Love Him – Illebaye Begs Frodd (Video)

Ok, I don’t think this is cruise anymore, but I’m not going to lie, something in me is still creaming “The game is the game”.

Illebaye in and intense conversation with Frodd a friend in the big brother naija house has confessed how much he loves Whitemoney and also asked Cross to also support her. just like myself, everyone initially thought it was cruise all along.

Ilebaye – frodd you’re my friend yh, you’re supposed to add fuel so that he {whitemoney} will know that my feelings are real.
Outside i had a wrong perception about him, but coming into the house and seeing the way you are i find it so cute + you’re playful and I’m very playful and groovy, i know how to make my man feel young even if he’s older, do you get.
Whitemoney – i get *laughs*
Ilebaye – see what I’m saying, he thinks I’m joking.
Whitemoney – i don’t think you’re joking, I’m happy for you.
But your perception of me, outside and inside what changed
Ilebaye – now that I’m with you for the past 3 days, you’re calm and i feel like if you’re dating somebody, the girl is gonna enjoy because you’re caring.
I know how you are to me now that we are not dating, so just imagine that I’m your girlfriend…

Frodd – for some reason i feel like this not cruise, the way i got introduced to the talk.
Ilebaye – its not, i don’t cruise like that with feelings, it unlike me, i go straight.
So think about it, its already getting late, one week is enough already.
Doyin – she has even given you time frame.
Frodd – ah ahn you didn’t even say 2 months.
Doyin – 2 months for what, if it passes this week, its his loss.
Ilebaye – pls its your loss Ooo, if you see me with another nigg@ you’re gonna be jealous oo, cuz i like to pamper my man, you get me *winks*


Well, everyone in the big brother naija house is playing a game to win and Illebaye is not and exception, whatever strategy they choose to use doesn’t matter as long as it.

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