“How I Knew Deji Was A Fake Housemate And Chizzy And Rachael Were Riders “, Shegzz Reveals In New Interview

Big Brother Naija level up housemate, Shegzz has revealed how he knew Deji was a Fake housemate and Chizzy and Racheal were riders while he was still on the show.

Revealing how he got to know Deji was a fake housemate, he said he discovered that anytime Deji looses tasks he would be pissed and his countenance would change.


Speaking futhermore, he said he finally got to know that Deji was a fake housemate when he went into the level two house and Groovy came into his level.

He said how he got to know Chizzy was a rider was because he was always trying to get on to Bella and he was always over doing things in the house.

Speaking in a recent interview on pulse Nigeria, he said;

“I knew Deji was a fake housemate because Deji is a good guy and i could tell that there was a lot on his mind “.

“If he lost a task, he would be really upset , he would be on his bed and he would be very reserved”.

“When he went into the level two house and Groovy came to my level i was very sure that he was a fake housemate”.

“When Racheal came into the house and she mentioned Hermes name without asking him and she was trying to get in between i and Bella and that was why I always called her fake anytime we both had a disagreement”.

“I knew Chizzy was a rider because he was trying to get Bella and he was always overdoing things”.

“I don’t even believe in fake housemate because 28 of us that got into show, it was a big blessing for all of us”

“For Modella, i did not suspect that she was a fake housemate”.


“I just felt she was really cool and she was a very intelligent woman and she was the only one I didn’t spot”.


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