“I Just Wanted to F**ck Neo nothing More, I have Hands Up Though – CeeC to Uriel (Video)

Big brother naija show first runner up of her set, CeeC has revealed he was only interested in Neo because he just wanted to fuck him, she’s in some occasions made it clear that she could have been with Neo if not for age.


In a conversation with Uriel in the early ours of the morning, she told Uriel who also thinks Neo is sexy and hot and will like to have him that she’s not longer interested in Neo any more she can have him.


Read conversation below:

Uriel – me that has kissed him already, on the first ans second week.
Ceec – *screams* and his there forming innocent.
Uriel – neo is really hot, do you know what o like about him, i love his smell, i love that he’s clean. I would lick his toes.
Uriel – Ceec I’ll b€@t you for this guy.
Ceec – I’ve left him, he knows i don hands up, this one I don’t want anything just s€x.
Uriel – you can’t have s€x here.
Ceec – no I can’t.
Uriel – i dont even wanna f#ck him, i just want him.
Ceec – trust me i understand you.
Uriel – he’s so clean and amu ya ehhh {he has a big d#ck}

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