“I Like The Two Of You, So What??” BBTitans housemate, Blue Aiva Tells Marvins And Blaqboi After They Confronted Her (VIDEO)

Big brother titans housemate, Blue Aiva has opened up to Blaqboi and Marvins that she likes the both of them.


Blue Aiva disclosed this during a latest conversation she had with Blaqboi and Marvins last night when they called for a meeting.


Disclosing this to them, the both of them expressed shock on their faces.


Reacting to this, Blue Aiva said that liking the both of them does not mean anything.

You can also recalls that few days ago, Blue Aiva told Blaqboi that she’s a smooth operator stating that she gets everything she wants easily.


Last Night Conversation Between Marvin, Blaqboi and Blue Aiva;

Apparently Marvin and Blaqboi summoned Blue Aiva to come and explain to them why she keeps stringing all of them along. She enters the conversation and Marvin greets her with “What’s up smooth operator!”

Blaqboi: You tell me one thing, you tell him another, don’t you think that we have conversations and we know these things? What are you doing?

Blue Aiva: I don’t wanna hult you guys

Blaqboi: Do i look like i can get hurt? this is very insulting and very annoying So now if Miracle starts talking to you, you will have connections with him?

Blue Aiva: nooo, I don’t have anyone connection with him

Blaqboi: so what do you feel about me, what connection do you have?


Blue Aiva: with you, I have a deeper connection with you


Blue Aiva: I apologize to you guys, I didn’t mean to string you all along. It’s just that I didn’t know how to handle you guys coming all at once.


See video below;

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