“I Like this Season More than my own Season because” – Doyin Reveals (video)

Doyin has of the big brother naija all star season has made it Known that she loves this season more than her own season of the show, according to her she feels so relax and enjoys this all star season more than she did in her own season.


Frodd – this house ehh, this house sweet, e go condition your body you go know say ehh…
Doyin – i actually don’t mind this house at all, i prefer this season to my season by far.
Frodd – why?
Doyin – like the selection of housemates to mine, my season ahh, omo i no like am ooo.
Frodd – why not? Is it the maturity or
Doyin – yeah, i prefer the people, there are a lot more mature people here, there are a lot more older people, no unnecessary dramatic people.
Frodd – the older the season, the better the
Doyin – the older the people 100%

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