“I Think I like You, You Make Me feel… Illebaye to Whitemoney (Gist + Video)

The show keep waxing stronger and entertaining, the big brother naija all star this season isn’t slowing down, I love it.


Illebaye for whatever reason has told Whitemoney how much she likes his company and can really give anything to have him around and how sexy she thinks Whitemoney is, whether this is all a ploy to massage Whitemoney ego we don’t know for sure as this has caused reactions from Netizen who feel Illebaye is a catching cruise read the conversation below:


Whitemoney – would you rather have what you want and loose what you need?
Ilebaye – for you i can loose anything.
Whitemoney – *laughs*
Ilebaye – you might think I’m joking now but I’m literally expressing myself.
Whitemoney – why do you like me?
Ilebaye – i dont know but you make me laugh.
Doyin – you’re naturally funny
Ilebaye – i was just laughing throughout yesterday, you were sleeping like a baby.
I saw you having your bath today and i was like OMG this man is really sexy, even with his potbelly.
Whitemoney – ilebaye i like the humour, thank you very much.


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