“I Will Gladly Stay Away if Pere is Who you Want I Can’t be Over Thinking Things” — Cross to KimOprah (Video)

The love tussle between, Big Brother housemates Cross and Pere is gradually having a face after both trying to act mature and not have a quarrel over a girl, Pere who seems to be the first person to admit how much he loves KimOprah even before she came into the house as house guest, seems to have withdrawn his intention after friend Cross made a quick move to his love interest even after telling him he loves her.


Kimoprah, who seems indecisive or maybe playing games as some viewers suggest, doesn’t want to lose both ways as she keeps entertaining both men and giving them romantic gestures that stimulate their resolve to keep wanting her.


To make things clear and simple, and decided to ask KimOprah herself what she feels if she wants his friend Pere and that he is willing to leave if she wants Pere. In his own words “I will gladly stay away, if that’s what you want, I can not be over thinking things if not I’ll stay away.”


Watch Video below:

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