“If I Were a girl, I would’ve Slapped Doyin Three Times and Leave this House” — Pere Reveals (Video)

After the saga of yesterday in the big brother naija reality TV show, involving Pere, Doyin and the parrot from the big brother naija show, the house has been on a heel roll.


The introduction of parrots in the big brother naija show has no doubt helped in keeping the show entertaining and fun, as the parrots keeps revealing some things said secretly or out of ears in the big brother naija show, one being what Doyin said about Pere.


Though Pere emotions was unleashed as he could be seen sobbing one corner of the house, today he made a revelation of what he could’ve done if he was a girl, in his words “If I were a girl, I would’ve slapped Doyin three times and leave this house, cause I’m a guy there are certain things I can’t do”


What do you think Pere stand so far since the saga?


Watch Video below:


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