“Ike is Having a mental Breakdown, One nut done loose – Whitemoney

In a conversation with some males in the house, Whitemoney registered his concern about fellow housemate and head of house Ike, according to him he feels Ike is having mental Breakdown, read their conversation.


Whitemoney – i know saw we no go school but we get gift wey God give us, and that gift dey work.
I told big brother straight, ike was actually having a mental break down, believe me ir dont believe me.
Frodd – today? for this house?
Whitemoney – not today, it has started since.
Kiddwaya – since since, there’s something…
Whitemoney – there’s something happening to ike.
And this was how, you know in our season, you know the person that did it, this was how it started.
Angel – mercy just said, thats how he is.
Whitemoney – guess what i told big brother that before this week ends, they should get a psychologist for him.
Frodd – they gave him in our season, him nearly loose am.
Whitemoney – I’m telling you. I told big brother to get him a psychologist before his tenure runs out.

Frodd – just small power my guy don run off.
Whitemoney – i know how to observe people very well, this guy is having mental problems. Its going and coming, it goes like a switch and comes back.
He does aggressive stuff then the next minute he is smiling, that should tell you, one nut have loose, one nut has gone.


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