“Ike, Mercy and Venita are Evil, Beware of them, They’re out For you” – Doyin to Ilebaye (Details)

The game is gaming in the big brother naija house as all housemates are on their game mode not minding if they step on anyone’s toes, as long as they make the money.


In the conversation below, Doyin who got some information from their new found friend CeeC, was letting Ilebaye know about a supposed hatch plans against her from other housemate and how to be very careful.


Doyin – ceec was telling me that he was saying it in the store room. They were talking about it.
Ilebaye – him and who?
Doyin – mercy
He said he’s going to f#ck you up, you’ll get your 3rd strike and leave, i swear he’s out for you.
First of all I’m gonna tell big brother in my diary session, make sure you tell big brother too.
Ilebaye – I’m gonna tell biggie.
Doyin – when you tell big brother, no matter what he does or says don’t say anything.
Ilebaye – today he took meat and ran away and i was like.
Doyin – I know when he took it. I was even telling his babe that what this boy is doing is it fair?
She was like ehnn you can’t control how somebody will act or express himself. I said if this is you will you like it, she said it doesn’t matter.

Ilebaye – shes saying like that and i even want to go and talk to her. She said she wants to talk to me.
Doyin – no no no don’t talk to her babe.
She was the one that came to come and meet me after our f!ght, I’m surprised her face wasn’t on the screen.
She said you need to free this babe, she’s making people look at you bad, she making people call you godmother and causing enmity for you in the house.
She was the one saying, i should go and meet you that you’re crying and people will think i said something bad to you, they’ll not know that its you that insulted me, she said i should go and change it for you.
Omo that babe is dangerous.
Ilebaye – and she was saying wants to see me since yesterday.
Doyin – she’s a liar, right now they were just talking about ….. Venita is upstairs talking to ike to move you.
Ilebaye – i even wanted to apologise to venita just that i haven’t has time.

Doyin – don’t apologise, just don’t disrespect them again.
They were talking about it, they didn’t know that ceec with us, its ceec that came to tell me that he’s out for you oo, he was even calling you that small rat, that stup!d bitch.
Omo just avoid him cuz the boy is erratic.
Ilebaye – like what just happened in the kitchen was too much, all because i told him to come and clean, i was just holding myself today.
Doyin – he said you’d soon catch your 3rd strike.
Ilebaye – his so lucky he got that head of house.
Doyin – lemme tell you, this nomination they came to meet me to nominate tolanibaj, kidd was now doing for himself by promising people money outside the house.
But i knew who i wanted to nominate.
Ilebaye – awwwwwww.


What’s your thoughts on this, is the gang up part of the game?


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