“Illebaye Didn’t K!ss me I Kissed her first, and I Wasn’t Druñk” – Cross Reveals (Video)

Contrary to what was widely known and believed, Cross has revealed that he wasn’t force or taken advantage of by Ilebaye as everyone was made to believe, in fact he said he made the first kissing move on Illebaye.


This is coming after the said kiss cause a fight in the house last night. In a conversation with fellow housemate Venitta, Cross made it known it wasn’t what everyone thought.


Cross: Yesterday was just a messy situation, the whole CeeC and Ilebaye situation.

Venita: There was that?

Cross: That’s the only one i know about

Venita: There was an Angel and Ilebaye situation.

Cross: Leave Angel mehn she’s just a drama queen. People don’t know her, i know Angel like tie back of my hand. So leave Angel. She knows what she’s doing

Venita: Yesterday she did not. The situgot physical. I got scratches on my hand… And then she tried to leave

Cross: Wawu. The leaving part, she treid to do that last season, i stopped her. I literally took her to the toilet.

Venita: We bless God. They both would’ve gone home if I wasn’t there.


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