Kanaga Jnr fans and Tsatsii Shippers Fight Dirty (VIDEO)

Big brother titans housemates Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii has been seen building their relationship, and they recently reassured each other of their affection for one another.


A female fan of BbTitans housemate, kanaga Junior has slammed a fan of Tsatsii after bragging that Tsatsii will emerge winner at the ongoing BbTitans show.


Last night during a Twitter space, a fan of Tsatsii bragged that she will win the BbTitans show.


Reacting to this, a female fan of kanaga Junior made it known that Tsatsii does not deserve to win the BbTitans show, stating that Tsatsii and her fans are wicked and evil people.


The fan also made it known that Tsatsii does not deserve to win the show because of how she is treating kanaga junior in the BbTitans house.


According to her:



You people are very mad who do you want to arise for?”.


“May your husbands treat you the same


way Tsatsii is treating kanga in the house”.


“Most of you are evil and wicked people because you know you won’t tolerate how Tsatsii is treating kanaga in the house“.


See video below:


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