Khosi Has the highest number of Vote on a Polls on Twitter, Likely to Win the Show(details)

Like we always do, predict the winner of the show when no one else is doing so, from the inception of the show we’ve only gotten it wrong once, how do we get this data?


We work with a large number of big brother viewing platforms and curate data from there couple with our audience to decide who wins the show we’ve largely been correct in the 5years, so trust our prediction.


Polls all over Twitter and some platform sofar predicts Khosi of the big brother Titans as the winner of the of this seasons show, while we might run a list of the runners up on this platform as mainly predictions too, we pride ourselves as one platform with high rate of correct big brother predictions.

So our prediction of the winner of this year’s Big Brother Titans show with all the Data available to our disposable, points at KHOSI being the winner of the show.

This Large depends on some few Factors, one being not being disqualified for misconduct and the other being maintaining same momentum to finish.

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