“Mercy Gave me 4 Bedroom Apartment for My Wedding Guest in Lagos, Lekki She’s More than a friend” Omashola Reveals ( Video)

Big Brother naija Reality TV star Omashola has revealed one of the reasons she will always choose Mercy as a BFF over and over again, according to him Mercy is more than a true friend, and she believes no one will ever do such thing for you without asking.


Narrating how it went down, he said after announcing his wedding, Mercy called him outside the garden and told him she has 4 Bedroom Apartment in Lekki that she’s not staying in any one of them and also not making use of the car there too, if Omashola doesn’t mind he can bring his guest from outside the country to stay in the house during his wedding, he added that he personally didn’t ask her for such favour but she did offer it to him.


This has never been told either by Mercy or Omashola himself or anyone else, as this goes to show the philanthropic nature of Mercy.


He added he is going to choose Mercy over and over again as his BFF without thinking.

This has generated a lot of buzz as fans  are really  happy for the kind gesture portrayed by Mercy Eke and to Omashola for being appreciative.


Watch Omashola dairy session below:


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