Mercy if Given the Chance Always Crosses her Boundaries – Ike Tell Angel (Video)

The stars in the big brother naija all star house are bounding so well and making the show as entertaining as was expected but left for some stars who were not friends in the same season of their show Ike who was in romantic relationship with Mercy the winner of the double wahala season seems not to be in talking term with his former lover and housemate.


The relationship didn’t last long outside the house sighting overbearing from Mercy, Ike has never seized to talk about Mercy when asked, he recently was having a conversation with Angel a fellow housemate in the all Star season about Mercy the below conversation ensued:


Angel: You and Mercy are you guys going to vibe or what, it seems the both of you are avoiding each other.

Ike: Well, we’re not in speaking terms we might talk to each other later on, Mercy if given the opportunity, will want to ride on you.

Angel: Yeah, talking to her isn’t bad at all.



They went on to talk about her wining the show again, her chances of wining the show.

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