“My Boyfriend Sees and brings other Women to the House, I won’t tolerate that From Yemi” — Khosi says (Video)

Khosi of the Big brother Titans shows, who happens to be one of the most talked about housemate in the big brother Naija house due to how outspoken and controversial she is has once again given her stance on Yemi being with other girls while with her.


Making reference to her relationship outside the Big brother house, she retort that her boyfriend outside the h house brings girls to the house they shared and she knows very well about it and she tolerate it’s, but the case will be very different with Yemi her Love interest in the Big brother Naija house.


Khosi and Yemi relationship in the house has been a rollercoaster one far from smooth, personally I feel the only time the two are seen to be very peaceful is when they’re kissing or being sexually incline.


Khosi personality in the Big brother Naija house leaves you wondering if it’s the same with her personality outside as she stuns a lot of people.

Watch video below:


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