“Old Woman the Cry for Love too” — Moment Venita was Crying in the Toilet after Dinner with Adekunle (Video)

Yesterday night was supposed to be a romantic dinner night for the couples and others in the big brother naija reality TV show house as it was their last week for some in the big brother naija show, so big brother organized a dinner night for the housmates.


What followed wasn’t what was expected by fans, as a bitter fight ensued between two lovers Adekunle and Venita, in an earlier post we talked about what really happened and the cause of the fight, you can read it here: Recap: Here is what Totally Happened in Last Night DinnerNight Organized by Biggie (Video)


After the dinner which went sour on all indications, Venita could be seen in the bathroom crying bitterly.


This has generated a lot of reactions from fans and also non fans who think, she’s too old to be crying for love as they staunt her. Some were happy everything was over as they think she was banking on the relationship to remain in the show.



Watch Video below

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