“Pepper us oo” Netizens React to Venita Giving Adukunle a Hot Kiss (Video)

The two love birds are not taking it slow or lightly with their romantic moves in the house, they are not making it easy for the single viewers oh, a video of them kissing has been making rounds on Twitter and generating reactions from the fans and viewers.

Adekunle and Venitta who seems to be the only ones in this year’s all-star show that are in a serious relationship and they are not making it easy for single people like us.

Netizens’ reaction to the videos is as funny as ever and we decided to share with you, read them below:

Oge: This ones nogo let person see another thing ooh

Olumide: Let the single breath, please

Thekingmakkker; Adekule done the loose guard oooh, boy you’re there for the money

Omo-oba: This girl dey whine this Adekunle nothing you want tell me.

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