POV: Reunion is just 3 days away and you know everybody must collect [Video Clips]

Every Big Brother Naija fan right now is currently on their best mood as the Big Brother Naija Level Up 2023 reunion that we all anticipated is finally here.


We are just 3 days away from the eventful Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level up edition reunion show which kicks off from 19 of June 2023 and will be aired from Mondays to Fridays weekly.


Relax and enjoy Brief Recap Of Big Brother Naija Level Up edition below


When Biggie introduced 24 Housemates in two days and placed them on different Levels, we knew it would be an exciting season. The House was separated into two Levels, 1 and 2, and the Housemates were unaware of their occupation in each Level until the first Head of House Game that saw Level 1 assert their dominance after Eloswag took the win.


The Housemates knew each other and were elated to meet up again since lockdown, and would meet in the Arena and the Saturday Night Party Room thereafter.


When we thought there would only be 24 Housemates in the House, Biggie introduced Fake Housemates and Riders; Modella, Deji, Chizzy and Rachel. Their introduction to the House offered an exciting turn as they instigated some drama and hopped on some ships.


Ships unexpectedly sailed in the House, with Shella being the first one that got off the dock. Others soon sailed; Khalid and Daniella as well as Groovy and Beauty. The latter had a dramatic end after Beauty got Disqualified on Day 15 following an altercation with Groovy during a Saturday Night Party. Her exit out of the House was an entrance for the season’s Winner Phyna. The two started getting close shortly after Amaka opened up to Phyna about her crush on Groovy.



Housemates were left shocked when Fake Housemate Deji and Groovy were swapped to opposite Levels after Biggie gave Deji a Secret Task. He was supposed to complain about his presence in Level 1 and request Biggie to move him to Level 2, which he executed successfully. His entrance into Level 2 saw the ladies gushing over him, but he maintained his loyalty to his girl, Chichi.


Level 1 won the HoH title consecutively, leading to the back-to-back Evictions of Level 2 Housemates. Although the latter lost HoH, they won the Wager Presentation, which earned them Pocket Naira for food supplies. This meant Level 1 Housemates would have immunity but survived on the bare minimum.


The two Levels soon merged to create one House but remained divided until the final day. Food gbas gbos became the order of the day, and Housemates could not decide whether they should cook and eat as a collective or enjoy their food individually. Their food war escalated until it required Biggie’s intervention, but even that did not halt the constant disagreements. Want More? READ MORE HERE

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