The Hatred For Me Is Too Much – Desmond Elliot Cries Out.

Lagos state Lawmaker and former Nigeria actor who is known for acting romantic movies Desmond Eliot has taken to social media to cry about the type of hate he receives online.


Desmond Eliot who won Surulere State house of representatives position in the wildwind election of 2015, an election which saw Buhari in power and a lot of other people in all levels.


Desmond enjoyed and easy ride on due to the youths and everyone believes he could foster the cause of the youths, his problem started after commissioning a wooden bridges and also calling for the ban and regulations of social media in Nigeria.

A lot of people has been bashing him through social media and at a point he had to leave social media and came back much later, unlike his acting days, he hasn’t been too active on social media, but his money keeps pilling up as he eats what ever he wants on chains.

He took to social media to cry bitterly of the hates he receives from people that don’t even know him.

This is coming after donating 8 transformers to his constituents few days to election, the backlashing is never ending.

Reactions Below from Facebook: where he posted it.

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