The Moment KimOprah came into the House, Cross ignored me, Started Following her, E Pain me, I Nogo Lie — CeeC Says (Video)

No doubt we thought we were going to be seeing CrossCee Ship in the big brother naija all star season show, in the early week of the show, but that didn’t work for some reason, talking about it all over again she narrated how she felt about having KimOprah in the house and having to watch Cross switch from her to KimOprah immediately.


In her words “The moment Kim Oprah came into the house, Cross ignored me, started following her around and looking funny to me. It pained me well well i won’t lie”


Fans reacting to her revelation thinks she only started thinking about Cross after KimOprah came.

The comment below:

It took the presence of Kim in the house to make CeeC jealous and recognize Cross. She was forming hard girl and didn’t want to bring her guards down for Cross to notice her. You ‘brother-zoned’ him in the house and told the house countless number of times that he meant nothing to you. Enough of all these tough girls persona you’ve been portraying as there’s nothing wrong to like somebody and be vulnerable before him. Ceec you like Cross, own it!😂😂


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