These Are the Craziest Big Brother Lap dance Videos Compilation (Videos)

Week 5 for the Big Brother Titans show and we at Danpawa have made a compilation of the hottest and craziest lap dance out of the big brother show, if you’re a lover of the show, you’ll love it, as this brings out the entertainment and hotness of the show.


These videos are from various seasons of the Big Brother show.


Nengi giving Laycon a hard one

Nengi is one of big brother Naija’s housemates and presumes to be the hottest in season 5 of the big brother Naija show.

Chichi raining it on Deji.

Chichi and Deji were an item in the Big Brother Naija Show



Queen trying to make Whitemoney cûm.

White Money and Queen were not an Item in the big brother show, the winner of the season 6 Big brother show could be seen enjoying a vigorous Lapdance from fellow housemate queen


Phyna says it’s game over for Bryann.

Phyna The last winner of the Big brother Naija Show was seen giving the first runner Bryann a sweet and concentrated lap dance, I won’t be.


Amaka Giving Khalid something nice.

Well, to me this might not be the hottest lapdance in the house, I might be wrong though, so share your thoughts with us below.


Maria and Michael with a coded lap dance.

Lapdance has been a thing since the inception of the big brother Naija show, this Maria and Micheal lapdance goes as far back as 2017.


Lap dance in bed with Liquorose and Emmanuel.

No matter how this relationship ended, we know for sure this lap dance can never be forgotten, this type of lapd

ance is what we call the concentrated lapdance.


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