“This Is Totally Unacceptable” — Reactions As Ike Throws All Of Illebaye’s Belongings On Thr Floor

The game in the big brother naija all star show is getting instense emotions are high and the game and everyone in the house is rolling up their sleeves to do both the clean and dirty work to see themselves on the highlights and then win the show.


Ike took the game to another desperate level when he went to Ilebaye closet and scattered all her belongings, in an attempt to get her reaction and make her Disqualified.


Ilebaye is assumed to be a strong contender in the show and they need or the contenders out either by disqualification or by eviction, Ilebaye show has gotten strike twice and a third one will see her leaving the house, the game to to provoke her to anger and make her go physical thereby attract another strike.

Watch Video below

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