“Una Love Never Die ooh” – Venitta to Mercy and Ike as They share Moments Together (Video)

It has really been an interesting ride with Mercy and Ike the estranged love birds who have found solace again in the hands of each other hands.


While Ike still maintain it’s for the money, the bond between this two has grown after their widely spread breakup outside the house, Venitta who keeps mocking/admiring their love could be heared cheering them up, while they bargain for moniepoint bonus.

Conversation below:


Mercy – give me 100 moniepoints.
Ike – let me see it.
Mercy – say yes or no.
Ike – i could but what do i get?
Venita – the rope wey dem use tie two of una, God please you can do it in this house, make e just dey strong.
They may not necessarily need to run off in the sunset on an island but this is a rope that cannot be replaced.
Mercy – leave me alone.
Venita – no i will not.
And God let them stop destroying other people in the process of their vengeance.
Ike – it’s for the money.
Venita – which st#pid money, i dey ask you were you go sleep, you say you’ll shift bed depends on another person’s bed.
See how she dey smile to herself, this b!tch. The two of you…


Mercy – see thats why i said, we both need consent before we move anywhere to start with.
Venita – if una fit agree on reasonable terms, ike will even be safer.
Ike – if i try that everybodys eye will be on me.
Venita – whats ur business with everybody’s eye, when its your destiny.
Mercy – what are you saying.
Venita – mmmmmm I’m tired of you both.
Ike – I thought about what I want, that black envelope on Monday.
Mercy – so if i get it I should give it to you?
Ike – yes.
Mercy – 100 moniepoints.
Ike – imma give you tonight.
Mercy – give me now before all those girls will come and change your mind.


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