“We Didn’t Work Out Because His D!ck Is Too Small” — Sources Reveals Issue Between Groovy And Phyna (Details)

The just concluded big brother Naija show which saw the emergence of Phyna as the winner has left a lot to be talked about by the viewers, the drama, the love, sex, fight and more.

If you are an ardent follower of the show you will agree with me that the show has come about some bright minds and good fellows.

The  housemates are all about making a name for themselves now and are concentrating on doing so rigorously, sadly the love and relationships we saw in the house didn’t work outside the house as everyone in a relationship seem to be playing a game while in the house and nothing serious or deep.

One of the relationship that happened in the house that didn’t really reached it peaked outside the house was Phyna the winner of the show and house boyfriend Groovy, first week after the show, the relationship seem to be souring high and all of sudden it hit the rock, with both parties calling the reason for their break “not compatible“.

While this might be largely true because the word compatible can be broad and mean a lot, an inside source is saying the main reason they split up is because Groovy is not good in bed, and doesn’t poses the might to satisfy Phyna.

The source who asked not to be mentioned said the relationship hit the rock after the reality stars discovered they were not compatible sexually.

Personally I feel this is a valid reason instead of staying in the relationship and cheating, it’s good as the unsatisfied one initiated a breakup.

Phyna has really Been using her stardom very well for herself and has since moved on to face her life while groovy does same.

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