“What you should say to get me in your bed”– Reality TV star Angel reveals to men

Reality tv star and brand influencer Angel JB Smith who recently launched her first personal project has revealed to men what they can say to make her jump into their bed.


Angel joined the podcast family, with the launch of her emotional podcast, ‘Of blood bones and water’, revealing that it has been a long time coming as she put her tears into it.

Days after the launch, the stunning reality star took to Twitter to reveal to men what they can say to lure her into their bed. According Angel, money will never make her give her body to any man but calling her princess will instantly make her do it.


Taking tp twitter, Angel Smith who was a Big Brother Naija Season 6 Shine Ya Eye finalist wrote;


‘Money won’t get me in your bed; but calling me princess will🧍🏿’,


This although has sparked so many reactions as many celebrities and fans has reacted to the statement from Angel, according to some this is actually unnecessary taking everything about you to social media platforms.


Funny enough some eager men has also taken to her comment to shoot their shot and see what might probably be the outcome. What do You think about this?

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