Yemi is Wining The show, Online polls reveals (Details)

We are in the fourth week of the big brother Titans show and trust me, as usual, the buzz is steaming high, with a record high of over 39 million streams both from South Africa and Nigeria the two countries like we all know formed this season of the Big Brother show.


Though South Africa has the highest number of views unlike before, Nigeria tops in the number of viewers, which is understandable because of the election and the country’s scarcity of fuel and some economic meltdown. notwithstanding a chunk of views comes from Nigeria.


As we all know this platform is dedicated to bringing you all updates on the big brother show and we have been consistent for a long time the name Danpawa shouldn’t be strange if you are a viewer and reader of articles and updates from the show.


As we predicted the winner of the previous show, this online poll has revealed the winner of this season, this is coming early just like previous ones.


According to polls conducted by trusted partners which get it majority of views and voting from Nigeria Yemi of the big brother titans is likely to win the show for this season.



About Yemi


He is an extremely gorgeous man from Lagos, which is Nigeria’s exclusive center of excellence. The second Big Brother Titans 2023 houseguest to be revealed is Yemi Cregx.


During a brief discussion with Big Brother, it was revealed that Yemi is on the program to expose what he has been hiding for so long. Yemi Cregx stated that he had previously worked for various media organizations, advertising agencies, and real estate firms. As a result, Yemi is on Big Brother Titans to display a touch of weakness, and I hope he is successful in reaching his objective.


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