Yemi Laments Angrily Over Thabang And Khosi Incessant Fl!rting (Video)

After being made to breakup with his side piece Blue Aiva and concentrate on just her, Yemi is angry that Khosi keeps flirting with Thabang for whatever reason, and finds it very annoying and disrespectful.


While the game might be the game, and Khosi is playing the game very well and knowing her onion, Yemi is gradually falling as a pawn to her games.

In a series of rants, he complained of leaving and avoiding Blue Aiva because of her according to him “and this is all I got, disrespect?”;

Reactions from viewers around the globe is hilarious and many people thinks Khosi is not fine to be giving Yemi that much problem.

According to one commenter, “This Khosi no even fine sef, why not just move along and face front Yemi”


Whatever game Khosi is playing, I hope Yemi realize that and also be on guard and not be swayed because at the end of the day it’s all games in the house and winner goes home with everything.

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